Governance and Leadership Principles

Adama University is committed to the principles of good governance so as to ensure that the university gets ahead and will stay 'fit for its purpose' as an institution of teaching and research, which also provides consultancy and other quality services to the community. These principles emphasize academic freedom and autonomy, performance in terms of added value to student education and academic advancement, public accountability and social responsibility, transparency, ethics and professionalism. These principles are to be upheld through the following provisos:

  • Academic freedom and autonomy         
    Adama University will uphold and defend academic freedom and institutional autonomy so as to ensure that its education and academic pursuits are not subject to undue intervention.

  • Performance, ethics and professionalism         
    Adama University will strive for exemplary performance with the highest possible standards of professionalism and ethics and seek to provide high quality services at a reasonable and affordable cost.

  • Transparency and public accountability 
    Managing Board and the management of Adama University will conduct their activities in a transparent manner, subject to legal conditions and the need to protect the overall interests of the university.

  • Social responsibility        
    Adama University will strive to fulfill its social responsibilities. As such, the university will, as far as is reasonable and possible, facilitate the participation of its staff and students in community development activities and public services.

  • Internationality     
    Adama University will strive to link to the international network of universities and to support international links of economy. As such, the university will continuously undertake all supportive and training actions to enable students and staff on all levels to interact easily in the university's working and teaching language English.

Adama University shall be a learning organization of higher education which is committed to the mission of achieving academic excellence in a professional context. The emphasis is to provide holistic education and training so as to equip students with all-round personal development as well as professional knowledge and skills through application-oriented programs, and to undertake research, emphasizing those of an applied nature which are relevant to industrial, commercial and community needs. Towards this end, Adama University recognizes the importance of establishing and implementing an effective framework of governance and management in directing and monitoring its operation and financial performance. Principles of management by objectives, confidence and accountability on top of lean structures are applied.