From Faculties to Schools

In the course of Adama University transformation towards a model university  for Ethiopia according to the governmental objectives, former faculties have been migrated into scientific schools by Meskerem 1, 2001 E.C. (Sept. 11, 2008).

Adama University's Science Schools

Schools are basic entities of Adama University under which higher learning and related research is carried out. The term refers to a grouping of related subjects under a common umbrella organ. A school combines related core disciplines in departments, cooperates with other schools and relies on services offered by counterparts. Schools are bound to the academic rules set by the Academic Senate and accountable to the Managing Board.

The schools of Adama University carry out their mission in favor of the community and economy. They combine their energy and concentrate their effort so that together they best match needs of economy and best support economic development of the Adama region and Ethiopia as a whole.

Six schools constitute Adama University.

Make up of schools takes after the regional economic structure and its potential for development. A school is governed by a supervisory body- the School Board- comprised of heads of departments and chaired by the School Dean. Each of these congregations covers particular departments.


Schools dispense their work to these sub-structures. Departments implement academic programs.