Current Logo

The current logo was introduced while the university was providing basic TVET teacher training in technology areas, i.e. construction, drafting and surveying, plumbing, electricity, metal manufacturing and automotive technology.

But since March 2008, Adama University has been selected to be a model technical university according to international standards, and major transformation progress has been achieved. Now, the university has extended its wings to Asella City with the School of Health, School of Agriculture and the Model Agricultural Enterprise. This clearly shows the university is under tremendous and rapid development.

Consequently, it has been found necessary to design a new corporate appearance which should express the university's dynamics and its complete activities.

Proposed Logo

The proposed logo is intended to typify and unify the university's audacity, characteristics, mission, vision and openness for change. As Adama University is unique in comparison to other Ethiopian universities the logo shall be recognizable, expressive, easy to distinguish and understand, memorable and timeless.

The semantic elements of the new logo are:

The inner full circle expresses...

  • The globe - meaning that Adama University is international
  • Adama University encircles many fields of study
  • In geometry, everything starts from a point; hence, it also expresses the starting point of an ambitious university development

The middle open circle represents...

  • The letter "A" which stands for "Adama" and "Asella"
  • The cities of Adama and Asella
  • Adama University with its hospital embraces the wider "Arsi" region

The outer open circle typifies...

  • The letter "U" which stands for "University"
  • The unity of the country as a whole
  • The uniqueness of Adama University
  • The universality/Internationalization of Adama University

Both open sections of the two outer circles embody the gaps in higher education and economic development that Adama University strives to close by contributing quality education, relevant research and technology transfer. They also depict the gaps Adama University aims to fill by networking with international actors, industries, the society, the whole Ethiopia and local Oromia with the communities around the major cities: Adama and Asella.

The green and blue colors of the logo signify the following. The green color stands for fresh energy of students and the prosperity the university aspires to attain. On the other hand, the blue signifies cleanness and purity, which are the expected end results of education in Adama University.