Adama University is being alleviated to a model technical university for Ethiopia guided by a Framework which is accepted and endorsed by the Federal Government. Its Fundamental Objectives emphasizes on:

  1. Economic development and University-Enterprise Corporation according to the German paradigm.
  2. Excellence in Teaching, Learning and Applied Research.
  3. Attracting International University Partnerships and Network.
  4. Being Center of Vocational Teacher Education in Ethiopia.

Within the last two years of the transformation the university has achieved much and has established a wide network both locally and internationally. The already existing university's technical faculties are being developed to a technical university and ten new universities will be constructed taking Adama University as a model. In order to internalize and maintain international standards, the University is intending to involve international professors and efficient University Lecturers, Assistance, Associate and full Professors to join our University and give/offer senior courses in a block form and also do joint research.

For those who are interested, our University will pay negotiable lump-sum amount, round trip air ticket, provide accommodation and transport service within the university premises and the surroundings. Any question or clarifications regarding this issue will be handled properly and given fast reply by Adama Unversity.

Those who are interested, contact International Relation, Corporate Communication and Fund Raising Vice President Office.

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