Academic Senate

The Senate is the leading body of the university for academic matters and - without prejudice to the responsibilities of the Supervisory Board - shall have the responsibilities to:

  1. determine the academic calendar of the institution;
  2. accredit academic programmes and their curricula and supervise academic units to ensure the relevance and quality of education and research;
  3. legislate and ensure proper implementation of the institution's statutes related to all academic and research matters in accordance with the Higher Education Proclamation (accessible AU internal);
  4. determine conditions on which degrees are awarded or revoked;
  5. determine an institution-wide framework for quality enhancement and student assessment;
  6. advise the president, upon request, on appointments of academic oflice holders;
  7. recommend to the board promotions of academic staff to the rank of professor and promote to the rank of associate professor;
  8. approve nominations by academic units for employment of academic staff with the rank of professor;
  9. decide on the type, number, membership, and responsibilities of its specialized committees;
  10. award honorary degrees and other academic prizes to persons with outstanding achievements meriting recognition by the institution, upon request by the president;
  11. examine and approve recommendations by the president in respect of opening, closure or merger of academic units under the public institution;
  12. perform other responsibilities which may be given to it in the establishing law of the institution or may be referred to it by the president.

(Art. 49  Higher Education Proclamation 650/2009 (accessible AU internal))