Prof. Dr. Engineer Taffa Tulu

The researches performed at higher learning institutions serve to obtain scientific findings to advance as well as to provide scientific bases for the institution's teaching and learning process. The subjects of research at colleges and universities can consist of all fields of science, limited only by the range of areas covered by the various institutions, as well as the application of scientific findings in practical life, including the consequences arising from the application of these scientific findings. Adama University (AU) is driven by a culture of curiosity and discovery. Our research and teaching is guided by the important issues and questions that face our nation, our neighbourhood and the world.  

Research at AU

AU is committed to excellence in research, identifying and supporting areas and projects which allow for the undertaking of internationally competitive research and research training. The University invests its resources in areas of proven and potential strength, significant to the University's mission. Such areas provide particular depth of academic and research capability to offer quality research and research training opportunities to staff, students and communities, including partners in industry. In recognising the complexity and multi-disciplinary nature of issues confronting society, AU is committed to supporting collaborative and interdisciplinary research.