Head of Administration is widely announced with an application period of six weeks. Applications are evaluated by the Core Team members. The successful candidate shall be initially appointed for a one year probation period with the option to be promoted to a permanent post.

He or she must be experienced in administration, general and human resources management and have a service orientated attitude. Finding the right person has precedence over time of appointment.

Head of Administration (HoA) directly reports to the Managing Board. The HoA is bound to the rules and decisions set by the Managing Board and he counsels the Managing Board in administrative matters. He is in charge of setting up and continuously improves the administrative processes.

Administration is headed by the Head of Administration (HoA), delivers all global administrative services according to the rules set by the Managing Board to which it reports.

Administrative processes shall be reengineered and implemented in a new lean modern. Administration Division offering all services common to more than one Adama University internal client unit. Especially it centralizes student administration leaving only subject specific consultation with the schools.

Additional duties are book keeping, accounting and budgeting, human resources administration and social services.